Honeywell Protege Extreme Safety Glasses, SCT Grey Lens


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Honeywell 1031275 Protege Extreme Safety Glasses,  Black/Orange Frame, SCT Grey Lens, Supra-Dura® Hardcoat

SCT Grey is ideal for outdoor applications where strong sunlight and glare cause eye strain and fatigue.
Larger lens size to fit even MORE faces 
Extreme condition coatings to protect against the toughest environments
Features and Benefits
  • Expandable wrap-around brow design which is flexible and has just enough tension to fit comfortably on wide faces and securely on narrow faces with no distortion of the lens.
  • High-performance lens coating options. Supra-Dura®. Fog-Ban coating. Dura-Streme® coating.
  • Floating lens design; For more secure and customisable fit.
  • Soft flexible “fingers” adjust and confirm. Fits and conforms to almost any nasal profile and help reduce slipping and sliding. Increases workers compliance and productivity on the job with all-day comfort & protection.
  • Soft temple tips pads provide a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Ultra lightweight (25.3g). More comfortable to wear, even for long periods.
  • Larger lens size for enhanced face and cheek coverage to fit a wider range of facial profiles.
  • Lens marking: 5-3.1 B-D 1 FTK
  • Frame Marking: HON 166 FT 

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