Honeywell Protege Clear HC Safety Glasses + Free Folder


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Honeywell 1028130 Safety Glasses, Protege Clear HC + Free Folder

Product emphasized in an effective packaging designed for a self-service environment.
Product Use
  • General use and protection against impact (45m/s)
  • Well suited for applications such as utilities, light & heavy manufacturing, bio techship building, construction and automotive manufacturing
Feature & Benefit

Smart Style & Design Stylish sunglass look Lightweight design

Looks great when worn, thus encouraging use

- Spring temples - A superior feature found in RX frames or sunglass spectacles -Flexible temples to fit your ears - Soft nose bridge to prevent slippage and to fit your nose

Advanced Comfort

High Protection Wrap-around 7-base polycarbonate lenses

It provides excellent coverage and protection

Effective and attractive packaging: Product delivered in a clear and effective packaging designed for a self-service environment, which provides the needed information to easily make the right protection choice. It includes pictograms to easily recognize the protection range as well as hazards identification and product advantages.

Customers can easily recognize which personal protective equipment to choose, depending on their work environment and the risks they face. As a result, they become autonomous and can be sure they are making the right protection choice.

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