Original Putty Buddies Ear Plugs - Single Pair

Putty Buddies

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The Original Formula Putty Buddies is our soft, comfortable silicone earplugs available in five bright color options as well as in clear.

The Putty Buddies extra tacky texture keeps plugs in place better for maximum effectiveness. 

Colors available: Blue, Red, Purple, Teal, Magenta, and Clear.

Putty Buddies come in their own plastic carrying case that also includes its' own special Putty Buddies animal character sticker as well (except clear color).

Animal characters available: Splash Puppy (Blue)Cool Croc (Red)Tube Dawg (Purple), Wipeout Wally (Teal), and Surfin' Sammy (Magenta). Clear earplugs come without animal character sticker.

The Original Putty Buddies earplugs supplied as a single pair are the best team with an Ear Band-it or Ear Band-it ULTRA to protect your children's ears from water and for extra protection.

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