Moldex 9300 EasyLock A1B1E1 Gas Filters


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Available Versions 

Moldex 9100 A1 Easylock Gas Filters Moldex 9100 A2 Easylock Gas Filters Moldex 9300 EasyLock A1B1E1 Gas Filters Moldex 9400 EasyLock A1B1E1K1 Gas Filters

Moldex 9300 A1B1E1 gas and vapour cartridges filter hazardous organic, inorganic and acid gases and vapours.

  • Fits all Moldex 7000 series half face masks and 9000 series full-face respirators
  • Bayonet connector
  • Type A brown: Organic gases and vapours, boiling point > 65°C
  • Type B grey: Inorganic gases and vapours boiling point > 65°C
  • Type E yellow: Acid gases (e.g. sulphur dioxide, hydrochloric acid)
  • Tested and certified to EN 14387:2004+A1:2008

**Please Read Information Manual Before Use**

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