Honeywell SP1000 2G Safety Glasses - Black Frame, Grey Lens


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Honeywell 1028643 - SP1000 2G Safety Spectacles, Black Frame, Grey Lens

Ideal for high-particulate environments, these glasses include padding, flexibility, and cushioning features for comfort and a secure fit. Honeywell Safety Products™ SP1000 2G Safety Eyewear comes complete with high-performance lens coatings for anti-fogging and scratch-resistance.


  • Provides protection against impact, wind, dust and airborne debris.
  • Ideal for dirty, high-particulate work environments such as grinding, chipping, shaving and sanding.
  • Soft and flexible nose piece.
  • Conforms to a variety of facial profiles and minimizes slippage.
  • Soft, high-quality face cushioning and padded temple tips.
  • Comes with a wide headband.
  • High-performance Honeywell™ K&N lens coatings for anti-fogging and scratch-resistance.
  • Lens marking: 2C-2.5 / 5-2.5 HON 1 BT KN CE
  • Frame Marking: HON 166 FT 


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