Honeywell Bionic Faceshield - Clear, Uncoated PC Visor


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Honeywell 1011623 Bionic Protective face shield with Uncoated Polycarbonate Screen Clear Lens


Honeywell 1011623 Bionic face shield, advanced ergonomic design with 2,784 possible positions, is designed for rugged jobs: it’s tough where it has to be, yet extremely lightweight and balanced to provide all-day comfort.
Superior protection.
  • Integral face protection, from crown to chin.
  • Superior quality panoramic vizor, for maximum visibility.
  • Wide range of easy to replace vizors available in a range of materials, shades and finishes to meet every need.
  • Compatible with most spectacles, goggles and respirator masks.
  • Locking mechanism for total security.
  • 100% dielectric.
  • Excellent optics for increased visibility.

Unequalled comfort
  • Incredible adjustability (2784 possible combinations).
  • Click-lock mechanism for precise headgear adjustment
  • Multi-position visor and ratchet locking system.
  • Breathable, removable, washable headband.
  • Comfortable cell foam on the back of headgear.

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