Honeywell 2299500 DeepBlue Winter Glove

Honeywell 2299500 DeepBlue Winter Glove (Pair)


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Honeywell 2299500 DeepBlue Winter Glove


Product Use:
  • Handling of oily or greasy parts in the cold environment. 
  • Outdoor handling in the wet environment. 
  • Assembly work in the greasy/oily environment.
Feature :
  • Polyamide knitted glove
  • Fully dipped blue foam nitrile coating.
  • Fully Lined with a polar fleece.
  • Self-fastening system on the wrist
  • Gauge 13.
  • Length : 25 cm
  • Compliant with EN 388 standard, rating 4121
  • The ergonomics seamless knit construction conforms better to the natural shape of the hand for greater strength and durability, superior confort
  • The filament yarn reduce linting for the most sensitive applications and easily laundered for extended use. 
  • The tight knit gives the glove perfect support, limits the penetration of dirt and offers a good touch.
  • The foam coating optimise the glove's breathability.
  • The nitrile foam improves the grip.
  • The knitted and self fastening system gives the glove good support.
  • The nitrile coating on all the hand provides outstanding abrasion resistance and impermeability to oils.
  • The polar fleece brings very good cold insulation.


      EN 511- Protection in cold temperatures:

      Resistance to conductive cold 0 Resistance to contact cold 1
      Water permeability 0

      EN 388 - Mechanical Hazards Abrasion Resistance

      Abrasion resistance 4 Cutting resistance (Coupe test) 1
      Tear resistance 2 Puncture resistance 1

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