Ear Band-It Swimmer's Headband - Blue

Ear Band-It

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Available Colors 

The Original Ear Band-It swimmer's headband, designed to hold earplugs in while engaging in water activities.

    The Original Ear Band-It headband is available in three sizes to comfortably fit all ages: Small, Medium and Large. Please refer to the size chart below to select the appropriate size.

    Colors available: Blue, Red, Purple, Teal, and Magenta. All colors reversible to Black.

    Purchase Ear Band-It headband alone or conveniently packaged with a set of original Putty Buddies ear plugs. Putty Buddies are available in 6 colors and come in their own plastic carrying case that also includes its' own special Putty Buddies animal character sticker as well (except Clear color).

    Note that the headband may be slightly tight when first putting it on. If so, grab each end and pull firmly several times to stretch out the neoprene.

    Size chart for ear band-it

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