Bolle TRACKER TRACWPCC3 Safety Goggles Welding PC shade 3 Lens

Bolle Safety

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Available Versions 

bolle TRACKER TRACPSF safety glasses smoke lens
bolle TRACKER TRACPSJ safety glasses yellow lens
Bolle TRACKER TRACWPCC2 Safety Glasses Welding PC shade 1,7 Lens
Bolle TRACKER TRACWPCC3 Safety Glasses Welding PC shade 3 Lens
Bolle TRACKER TRACWPCC5 Safety Glasses Welding PC Shade 5 Lens

Bolle TRACKER TRACWPCC3 Safety Spectacles, Welding PC shade 3 Lens


The unique design of the Bollé Tracker Welding Shade Safety Glasses combines the comfort of safety glasses with the fit and seal of goggles. They feature an interchangeable foam seal for added brow and cheek protection, and the sports-style temples include side ventilation and a fully adjustable strap. With scratch resistance and shade welding protection, the Tracker Welding Shade Safety Glasses provide reliable eye protection in a range of industries.

Supplied with Microfibre pouch.

Welding shade 3: filters 99.9% UVA/UVB, 54% visible light and 97% IR.
  • Interchangeable foam reinforcement with indirect ventilation
  • Upper protection
  • Lower protection
  • Anti-scratch
  • Removable adjustable strap
  • Straight temples
  • Lens marking: 3 FT CE
  • Frame Marking: EN166 FT CE


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