Bolle RUSH+ RUSHPTWI Safety Glasses - Grey/Black Temples Twilight Lens

Bolle Safety

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Bolle RUSH+ RUSHPTWI Safety Spectacles, Grey/Black Temples Twilight Lens


Bollé Safety Rush+ Safety glasses with Platinum anti-scratch and anti-fog coating which have an ultra-sporty, lightweight design with ultra-flexible, co-injected and customisable temples. Non-slip and adjustable bridge.

Do you need dust and flying debris protection as well? Turn your Rush Plus Safety Glasses into Foam-Padded Safety Goggles with the Bolle Rush Plus Foam and Strap Kit (depend on which type select).


The new B-Twilight technology offers the advantages of ESP with a double anti-fog coating (on both sides of the lenses) to prevent fogging in the most challenging conditions. Designed and used in low light conditions, it improves contrast. Its light transmission rate is perfect for outdoors, particularly early morning and late evening. B-Twilight filters 76% of blue light.


  • 100% customisable
  • Upper protection
  • Platinum Anti-scratch and Anti-fog coating
  • Non-slip adjustable bridge
  • Co-Injected, Ultra-Flex Temples
  • Bi-colour temples
  • TPR grey/black temples 
  • Lens marking: 5-2. 1 FT KN CE
  • Frame Marking: EN166 FT CE
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