Honeywell NFD11HD Cold Grip Plus 5 Gloves

Honeywell NFD11HD Cold Grip Plus 5 Gloves (Pair)


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Honeywell NFD11HD Cold Grip Plus 5 Gloves

Product Use:

  • Handling in cold conditions of damp, oily or greasy parts with high cut risks. 
  • Ideally suited to tasks where workers need a combination of cold and cut protection, but don’t want to give up comfort and dexterity.

Feature :

  • Orange polyamide / composite fiber knitted glove
  • 3/4 Black foam PVC HPT (Hydropellent technology™) coating Seamless 
  • Brushed synthetic liner 
  • Elastic knitted wrist
  • Gauge 15.
  • Length : 25 cm
  • Compliant with EN 388 standard, rating 3532



  • The ergonomic seamless knit construction conforms better to the natural shape of the hand for greater strength and durability, superior comfort.
  • Coating won’t stiffen when cold, so glove retains its flexibility 


  • The Polyamide yarn reduces linting for the most sensitive applications and can be easily laundered for extended use.
  • The foam PVC HPT is a soft, durable and flexible coating that repels liquids to provide a firm wet or dry grip. You need less pressure to handle an oily piece. It also provides an excellent abrasion resistance equal to heavier gloves. The 7 gauge brushed synthetic liner ensures superior insulation from the cold down to -20ºC. HYGIENE The dark colors make the glove less dirty.

EN 511- Protection in cold temperatures:

Resistance to conductive cold 0 Resistance to contact cold 2
Water permeability 0

EN 388 - Mechanical Hazards Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistance 3 Cutting resistance (Coupe test) 5
Tear resistance 3 Puncture resistance 2

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