BlackRock 84301 Lightweight Grip PU Gloves (Pair)


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BlackRock 84301 Lightweight Grip PU Gloves

BlackRock 84301 gloves with a polyurethane coated palm. These safety gloves are ideal for carpenters, component handling, construction workers, precision works, garden work, refuse collectors, general assembly workers and lots more.

Products Features:

  • A lightweight glove with PU (polyurethane) coated palm and fingers for exceptional dexterity and grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Perfect for handling small components and carrying out precision works
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Lightweight PU coating allows greater flexibility, ease of movement and continuous wear
  • Breathable knitted back and elasticated wrists for enhanced comfort
  • Minimal allergy risks
  • Each pair is individually wrapped
  • Approved to EN420:1994 & EN388:1994
  • Mechanical Hazard rating

    Size Range:  7/XS, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/XXL

    Colour: Black

    EN 388 - Mechanical Hazards Abrasion Resistance

    Abrasion resistance 4 Cutting resistance (Coupe test) 1
    Tear resistance 2 Puncture resistance 1

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