Honeywell Howard Leight HL400 Earplug Refill Canister and Dispenser

The NEW Honeywell Howard Leight HL400 earplug dispenser built for lightweight, durable convenience. The HL400 accommodates disposable foam earplugs ranging from Max, Max-Lite, Max Small, Laser Lite, FirmFit and Multi Max. Need a refill? Select either the new prefilled canister or our traditional zip top bags and you’ll be ready to go!

Honeywell Pre-filled canisters for HL400 AM dispenser, Contain 400 pairs of earplugs.
The canisters are a level 7 blow-molded recyclable plastic, which can be recycled just like a water bottle, making it an economic benefit. The new flat top design of the canister allows to place the canister upright for easy refilling with minimal waste. The wider neck opening on the canister allows for ease of refilling with earplugs- no point of congestion, and less potential waste of earplugs falling out onto a contaminated surface.
Howard Leight’s disposable foam earplugs provide the right fit for every user in every environment from different sizes, shapes, and materials to attenuation levels that accommodate both personal preferences and specific applications. Offer a variety of earplugs on the job – not just one type of earplug for the entire team. The Max disposable earplugs are the world’s most-used polyurethane foam earplugs and are designed for maximum protection in high-noise environments. The Max Lite, Laser Lite and Max Small disposable earplugs are intended for smaller ear canals. Howard Leight’s no-roll FirmFit earplugs offer an option for easier insertion. The tapered design of the X-TREME earplug offers the comfort while providing protection. Choose the protection that best fits your workers.Honeywell Howard Leight Prefilled Canister and dispenser

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