MigraineX Pressure Regulating Earplugs- 1 Pair


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MigraineX from the makers of Earplanes, is the worlds first product to help relieve migraine headache symptoms associated with weather pressure changes.

Climate pressure changes are a major contributor to migraine episodes and symptoms. Our patented MIGRAINE X technology helps manage these pressure changes while reducing symptoms and recovery time. Fast, natural migraine relief. Reduces duration intensity and discomfort of migraines when used with your regular medications. 

  • Clinically Proven to Reduce Migraine Intensity, Duration, and Discomfort.
  • Free MigraineX App That Will Forecast Weather Related Migraine Attacks. 
  • 81%  of Users Showed Improvement With Their Migraine and Headache Symptoms
  • Fast & Natural Migraine Relief
  • Drug & Latex Free
  • Reusable.
  • Listing is for ONE PAIR of Migraine X earplug
  • MIGRANINE X are made of soft, hypoallergenic, latex-free silicone
Directions: Use earplugs at the first sign of a headache along with your regular medications. Place plugs, one in each ear, for 2-4 hours or until symptoms have alleviated. Recommended maximum usage: 12 total hours in a 24-hour period. To place, pull the top of ear upward with one hand while using the other hand to carefully insert the ribbed end of plug snuggly into the ear. Gently turn clockwise like a corkscrew.

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