Mack's Dreamgirl™ Soft Foam Ear Plugs - 10 Pairs


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mack's dreamgirl earplugs 3 pairs mack's dreamgirl earplugs 5 pairs mack's dreamgirl earplugs 7 pairs mack's dreamgirl earplugs 10 pairs

Products Features

Mack's Dreamgirl Ear Plugs 10 pairs with handy Case. Dreamgirl soft foam ear plugs were designed for women with small or sensitive ear canals. They have a unique hollow and flared design that maximises comfort, especially during sleep. Softer, Smaller, Silky Smooth and Contoured. 

  • Made with super low-pressure, Comfy Cush™ Comfort Foam
  • An Ultra Noise Blocker
  • User preferred color is as easy on your eyes as they are on your ears
  • Great for sleep, study, work, travel, music, relaxation, loud events
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) – 32 decibels
  • Handy keychain carrying case included 


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