ClearEars Water Absorbing Ear Plugs - 5 Pairs


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ClearEars Water Absorbing Ear Plugs clears water from ears due to swimming, bathing & showering.

Water trapped in the ears after swimming or bathing can be very uncomfortable and may lead to ear problems such as Swimmer’s Ears. The revolutionary, patent pending, product, ClearEars, is a soft, comfortable earplug containing a FDA approved polymer which draws water from the ears.

Comes with 5 Pairs of ClearEars.

  • Removes Trapped Ear Water
  • Helps Prevent Swimmer's Ear & Surfer's Ear
  • Safe for kids and adults.
  • More convenient than ear drops providing on the spot relief.
  • Alcohol free, dries and relieves.
  • Patented Water Absorbing Ear Plugs
  • Earth friendly as ClearEars can be reused to help plants retain water. 
  • Come in a handy-sized container.

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