Honeywell FINEDEX 953-20 Nitrasoft Glove

Honeywell FINEDEX 953-20 Nitrasoft Glove (Pair)


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  • Unlined Nitrile glove, with specific food formula for the food industry. 
  • Chlorinated. Diamond pattern. Thickness: 0,22 mm. Length : 33 cm. Colour: blue.
  • Very supple offers good mechanical resistance.
  • Product designed for the agrifood industry (production of oils and fats, boning, packing of meat and fatty fish). Dairies, cheese producers.
  • Handling of fruit and vegetables, poultry and fish,
  • Alternative for workers who are allergic to latex.
  • Handling of detergents and cleaning liquids
  • Masonry
  • Aeronautical Maintenance
  • Handling of Frozen Products



  • Comfort Its nitrile formula has been selected to give the glove greater elasticity and unrivalled dexterity. 
  • Its special formula makes it suitable for the agrifood industry.
  • Its chlorinated interior makes the glove easier to slip on.
  • Its diamond finish makes the glove suitable for the grasping of dry and damp objects. 


  • The glove is particularly resistant to greases, oils and detergents.  


  • The cuff helps to protect a large part of the forearm.


  • It has been treated to prevent the development of bacteria. It contains no natural latex or any allergenic protein.

Size:  7, 8, 9, 10

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