MOLDEX 6700 Jazz-Band 2 Banded Earplugs

MOLDEX 6700 Jazz-Band 2 Banded Earplugs 1 Piece - SNR: 23dB


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Moldex Jazz-Band 2 Banded Earplugs

Products Features:

  • The Moldex 6700 Jazz Band is state of the art in banded ear plugs, bringing together modern manufacturing processes and dual material technology to produce a lightweight band with increased wearer acceptance.
  • Banded earplugs with dual material design
  • Practical grip points
  • Neck cord with safety release mechanism
  • Each Jazz Band comes complete with 2 replacement pods.
  • Solid handle ensures easy insertion and removal of plugs
  • 23 dB noise protection

Certification:Tested and certified to EN 352-2:2002

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