Moldex 5174 - FFA1P2 R D Pre-assembled Half Mask

Moldex 5174 - FFA1P2 R D Pre-assembled Half Mask Size M/L


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MOLDEX 5174 - FFA1P2 R D Pre-assembled half mask / Size M/L - Moldex 5000 Serie
  • Protection against fine toxic dust, mists & fumes organic gases/vapours with boiling points above 65C, such as solvents used in adhesives, paints, paint sprays, and pesticides.
  • Also nontoxic dusts, mists & fumes and fine toxic dusts, mists & fumes e.g. brick dust, cement, limestone, plaster of Paris, pollen and sugar, paint spraying (not isocyanates), working with hardwood, glass fiber and plastics, metalworking & welding.
  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • The Moldex 5174 is supplied pre-assembled and ready for use in any application where gases and vapors may be found. Dual-material construction weighs less for maximum comfort.
  • Gas filter cartridges permanently mounted to the facepiece with built-in inhalation valves.
  • Replaceable particulate filter discs provide dust, mist and fume protection when required.
  • Size: M/L.
  • Material: Kraton
    **Please Read Information Manual Before Use**
                             >> Download Official Data Sheet pdf <<

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