Putty Buddies Floating Ear Plugs - Single Pair

Putty Buddies

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Putty Buddies floating earplugs - The world's only soft moldable silicone floating earplugs!
  • Physician recommended for prevention of swimmer's ear or kids with ear tubes.
  • Unique, patented Flo-Tek® formula. The only ready-to-wear, moldable silicone earplug that floats on water
  • Super soft for extreme comfort
  • Tacky texture helps them stay in place
  • Each pair lasts up to 2 weeks or more.
  • Use with Ear Band-It® headbands for the best protection

Neon Colors available: Blue, Hot PinkRed, Green, Yellow, Orange, and in neutral Tan.

Putty Buddies Floating Earplugs come in their own plastic carrying case that also includes its' own special Putty Buddies® animal character sticker as well (except tan color).

Animal characters available: Bonzai Bear (Blue)Pool Princess (Hot Pink)Leapin' Lizard (Red)Awesome Possum (Green)Soggy Froggy (Yellow), and Topsy Turtle (Orange). Tan earplugs come without animal character sticker.

The Putty Buddies Floating earplugs supplied as a single pair are the best team with an Ear Band-it or Ear Band-it ULTRA to protect your children's ears from water and for extra protection.

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